Little Norlisa and her Mom Jean

Little Norlisa and her Mom Jean


Sweet Love Luxury Candles was born out of a dark period in Norlisa’s life, the passing of her mother. Five months after her passing in 2010, Norlisa was cleaning out her mother’s home in Virginia and came across candle after candle. There were container candles and votives and pillars and candlesticks. It never occurred to her that her mother was such a candle lover. While cleaning, she thought it would be cool to make candles. Norlisa tucked the idea away in her mental craft-to-do-box and got back to the emotional business at hand. She didn’t think about candle-making again for six months.

The idea reemerged for Norlisa while visiting her brother in Houston, TX. They reminisced about the good times with their mom, laughed a lot and talked about how she wanted them to do things that brought them joy. Their conversation sparked the memory about candle-making. Not wanting the idea to fade, Norlisa began to do research late one night while still in Texas and settled on a soy candle-making kit. It was waiting for her in Brooklyn when she returned home.

Her flame for hand-crafted candles has burned bright and strong ever since. In 2011, Sweet Love Luxury Candles was born. 


Sweet Love Luxury candles exists to offer ambiance, pleasure and to enhance the experiences of people’s lives with lovely aromas. Women and men turn to us for unique fragrances and beautifully designed candles that are perfect to gift or to use to enliven spaces they take comfort in. 

People return to Sweet Love Luxury Candles because we hand-craft each candle with care, quality and attention to detail. Whether spending a relaxing day at home or hosting party with friends and family, we hope to inspire our customers to live the life that brings them the most joy through bold, brave and beautiful fragrances.


  • Natural wax, cotton wicks, quality packaging
  • Clean modern designs
  • Unique fragrances
  • 35 - 40 hours of burn time
  • Hand-poured in Brooklyn, NY
  • Always made with sweet love